Guidelines for securing an appearance:

Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic (NWBOP) wishes to acknowledge that our presence in the community is an important and enjoyable part of being a WBOP Magic team member and as a result, we will make every effort to support as many requests as possible.
We receive many appearance requests which the team endeavours to accommodate within the constraints of their training, travel, playing timetable, and commercial and other commitments.  
Requests for player appearances must be submitted via the online Player Request Form.  All requests must be submitted at least 3-4 weeks prior to your event.  In an effort to endeavour to service each request, NWBOP Magic asks that you provide detailed information regarding your event.


Requests must be submitted using the appropriate form with a minimum of 3-4 weeks prior to the event/activity.  The longer lead in time provided the better opportunity there is for the request to be considered.


The NWBOP Magic wish this experience to be beneficial for all parties involved in your event.  With this is mind, all appearance requests from charities, clubs, schools or community/groups/events must meet the following criteria:
Inclusive and Purposeful: Direct interaction with children and the netball community. In all applications please ensure the maximum number of people are influenced by the visit i.e.  group/s of netball players/teams instead of one sole team benefiting.  A more favourable response will be given to those with more people involved.
Netball Development: Support Netball at a foundation level.   NWBOP Magic are passionate about visiting netball centres in the Netball Waikato Bay of Plenty Zone.
Youth and Education: help Waikato/Bay of Plenty youth build purposeful lives by providing direction, support, ambition, opportunity and be positive role models.
Additional Criteria for Netball Centres
  • Please refer to supplementary document held by your CoachForce Development Officer.

Other Requirements:

  • No activities with risk of injury will be considered.
  • Appearance requests should be kept to a maximum of one hour.  Any extension of this may be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

Submitting your Request

Please complete the online Player Appearance Request Form


Players are always happy to sign autographs when personally approached at appearances and after games.

Successful Requests

If your request is successful please note that separate permission is required should you wish to include the planned appearance of WBOP Magic in the promotion of your event through advertising.  Please contact NWBOP if artwork is required i.e. logo/photos.
Please note that player schedules can be subject to late change due to additional or revised commitments. Whilst NWBOP Magic will always endeavour to fulfil all commitments, occasionally due to players’ availability or injury, player appearance may be amended or cancelled at late notice, or fulfilled by a replacement player. Should this occur, NWBOP Magic will contact you as soon as possible to discuss.

The Approval Process

We undertake to acknowledge receipt of all submissions within five days of receiving the request.  NWBOP Magic does not accept responsibility for contacting organisations who submit incorrect or incomplete forms.
Please note even if your request satisfies the criteria set out, we cannot guarantee it will be met due to prior commitments undertaken by the team.

Following the event

Upon request you may be asked to supply The Magic with any material from the promotion which highlights and promotes the NWBOP Magic in the Community. We may request a copy of any photos (preferably digital) featuring the NWBOP Magic’s representative(s) attending your event.
These photos and material will be used on our website or at game day promotions and in NWBOP Magic publication pieces.

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